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Heathcare For All

Finally, affordable healthcare benefits for musicians, freelancers, self-employed and all 1099 workers.

Advantage1099 programs include emergency healthcare, chronic disease management, and much more at the best rates.  

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Revolutionizing Healthcare

Elevate Your Health and Creativity


As a musician, freelancer, or any 1099 worker, your health is not just vital – it’s the heartbeat of your creativity and livelihood.

Experience Wellness Redefined

Welcome to the pinnacle of healthcare membership – Advantage1099.

We’ve revolutionized the concept of wellness by collaborating with top-tier carriers packages tailored to your unique needs, eliminating unnecessary clutter and focusing solely on what matters most: your well-being.

A Fresh Perspective on Insurance

Bid farewell to the constraints of traditional insurance.

Advantage1099 introduces a paradigm shift, blending direct healthcare access with affordable insurance through LifeExec, ensuring you receive optimal care and coverage without the hefty price tag.

Benefit Partners:

Best In Class Provider

LifeExec Named Top 10 Benefits Companies of 2023

Step 1:

Choose a Wellness Plan

Your Wellness Plan provides access to healthcare services.

Select the Wellness plan that works for you.

Step 2:

Select Add-Ons

Add Advantage Mental Health and/or Advantage Protect to your Wellness Program for a robust benefits program.

Comprehensive Healthcare

Benefits that cover 99% of healthcare needs for 97% of Americans

Comprehensive Healthcare


1. Do I have to be a musician, freelancer, or 1099 worker to enroll for these benefits?

No, anyone can enroll in these benefits.

2. Will I be accepted if I have preexisting conditions?

Yes, preexisting conditions are accepted.

3. How can I cancel my policy?

To cancel your benefits, submit your request before the 24th of the month. Benefits remain accessible until the end of the same month. Cancellations after the 24th are not eligible for refunds.

4. Is there a discount if I bring on my family?

Yes, there is a family discount available.

5. How long before my coverage starts?

Coverage typically starts within 2-3 weeks of enrollment. However, it can be sooner if you enroll by the 22nd of the month.

6. Can I sign up for benefits at any time during the year?

Yes! There are no special enrollment periods, so you can enroll at any time.

7. Can W2 employees enroll?

Yes, W2 employees are eligible to enroll in our benefits programs.

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